About me

Photo  © Elliot Nichol

Photo © Elliot Nichol


I've been working as a photographer for seven years now, starting out as a small time club photographer and gradually adding strings to my bow, moving from subject to subject to arrive where I am today. Throughout the seven years, my photography has always revolved around people - whether that be in a club, in a studio, or in a church.

Weddings are a perfect snapshot of people of all kinds at their very best. The joining of two families and the forging of a new one, in beautiful and often sentimental places full of heirlooms and symbolism and laughter.

Every wedding is as unique as the couple at it's centre. It's a joy to be able to capture moments that show that couple's personality and love for each other. Pictures for them to have forever, to help them recall how it actually felt to be there, to share with loved ones and future generations.